Language support and instruction

The 1x1 for german classes - ideas, tips and suggestions for trainers and whose who would like to become one

Command of the german language is vital for a successful integration. That´s why it is important for immigrants to begin as soon as possible with language lessons. Instructing german is not always easy! There are great differences in learning and study habits. Students previous knowledge also vary greatly and verbal barriers make instruction difficult.

Our offer encompasses general tips and fundamentals for great german classes but also by request specific issues or text book may be handled.

A1-C2: The european frame of reference and what immigrants need to know

Whoever wants to live in Germany must demonstrate their proficiency in the german language. The level one must reach depends one´s goals. The relevant measurement for achievment is laid by the european frame of reference (GER). When is each level necessary? What is expected in each level and how are students assessed?

Language support in kindergarten and schools

Children, whose native tongue is not german require special and intensive language support in order to be able to meet school requirements. In kindergarten there are already opportunities for children to aquire language skills in a playful and musical manner. In addition learning to read and write is supported from elementary school untill graduation. First, in this workshop criteria for diagnosis presented that help to determine the language level of the student. Then concrete models and methods for language learning all age levels will be introduced. This offer is aimed at voluntary teachers, kindergarten teachers and trainers who desire to integrated language support in their class rooms.

Literacy for adult immigrants

Some immigrant have not had the opportunity to attend school. Others are literate only in another alphabet as our own. In addition to the oral language there is also the challenge of learning to read and write. The fact that  spoken german and the written german do not overlap completly complicates the process. Participants of this workshop will learn the systematic of the german written laguage. Also they will deal with a method that conveys reading and writing as well as and all around understanding of the german grammatic to immigrants