Theology and Migration

The alien that lives in your country - a theological look at the alien among us

It can be challenging to be confronted by strangers. Sometimes it even leads to fear und uncertainty. In order to obtain clarity it can be helpful to get a change of perspective. How does the Bible talk about aliens on our midst? How should we treat them? Last but not least: Who is really an alien and what impact do they have on our churches?

"To the Jews I became as a Jew, in order to win Jews" (1 Cor 9,20) - Should we become as a Muslim to Muslims?

Communication and interaction with Muslims and people of other faiths is vital to live together peacefully. It also provides opportunity to witness. It can be necessary to "take a leap of faith" and adapt to other cultural norms in order to clearly communicate the gospel. However, in the process Christian fundamentals should not be discarded. Where are the boundaries of adaptation and where do we need to say "no" for the sake of the gospel.