3x Go! - Health and Hygiene Guidelines

3x Go! - Regeln für die Präsenzzeit

We are so thankful that we are able to return to classes in person, and for the opportunity to fellowship together. There are still restrictions in place that will continue to shape how we have classes, lectures, and how we interact as we encounter one another in the buildings.

Similar to other institutions, at the AWM you will find we need to see evidence of the current health status for all people. On arrival, we need to see official documentation that a person is either

  • Fully vaccinated (2 weeks after second vaccination)
  • Has recovered from Covid-19 (such as a doctor’s report)
  • Currently tested as Covid-19 negative, with an official test (not a self-test) such as an Antigen Test (within last 24 hours) or PCR Test (within the last 48 hours)

At the AWM we ask that you wear a full mouth and nose covering when moving through the hallways, the library, and other public areas.

  • In classrooms we will do our best to provide 1,5 meter distancing between desks so that when you are sitting in a classroom, you may remove the facial mask (the same guideline applies to the library and other public areas). Not all classrooms may be able to provide enough space for this according to class size, so plan to speak with your teacher about the situation when you arrive.
  • For the dining hall, we ask that you wear the mask as you are moving around the room and picking up your food from the buffet. Similar to being in a restaurant, when you are at your table you can of course remove the mask to eat.

We ask that you continue to be respectful of others and their needs for space or distance, as well as the general health and hygiene guidelines of the government during your stay with us.

Looking forward to seeing you at the AWM!