AWM Vision

Our Mission

To enable Christians to develop intercultural and theological competencies for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with integrity in a multicultural world.

Our Educational Philosophy

Grounded in a distinctively Christian worldview, we equip people to reach their God-given potential by becoming lifelong learners.

We enable Christians

  • to engage people of other backgrounds and cultures with sensitivity and respect;

  • to practice critical reflection in various contexts;

  • to develop theological and professional competencies for effective ministry;

  • to strive for a deeper walk with Christ

Our Vision 2017

Within the framework of our educational mandate, we as AWM

  • equip growing numbers of Christians for cross-cultural ministry in diverse spheres of influence, including the secular marketplace

  • raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities for missions in Europe,

  • support church planting in the multicultural societies of our globalized world.

This vision uniquely positions the AWM gGmbH / European School for Culture and Theology to make a strategic impact for the Kingdom of God in Europe as an educational center for reaching the nations with the Gospel.