Interested in taking a stand-alone class? Or auditing?

Choose one or more courses that appeal to you the most!

It is possible to attend individual courses “not for credit” as a guest student or auditor, i.e. you register for a course, attend all lectures, but are exempt from the assignments and examinations and do not receive a grade.
The course cannot be subsequently credited towards a degree.

“For credit” as an enrolled student, i.e. with all achievements in order to receive the corresponding credit points. If necessary, these can be credited to external degree programs or to a later degree at CIU Korntal.
Of course the appropriate educational background and admission are required for enrollment.
Attending one of the study courses – as a guest student or as a registered student – can also help in the decision-making process for a possible course of study. This will give you a better idea of whether studying at CIU Korntal is right for you.

You can also take a look at our Certificates of Advanced Studies – these are a set of content that focus on a specific area.

Melissa Sailer

Student Services, Admissions

Current courses of study

  •    English
  •    Online

22.04.24 — 12.07.24

Praxis Related Research - ONLINE

Joachim Pomrehn, Thomas Kröck

22.04.24 — 12.07.24

Mission & Methods of Theology - ONLINE

Heike Patulla, Magnus Großmann

08.06.24 — 13.07.24

Christlike Leadership Across Cultures - ONLINE

Petros G. Malakyan

30.09.24 — 06.12.24

Engaging the Secular Mind - ONLINE

Raphaël Anzenberger

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